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l.a.m.b fitness' Journal
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Wednesday, July 15th, 2009
9:52 am
Mike Heatlie
I highly recommend signing up to Mike Heatlie's e-mails if you haven't already, full of good advice! Here's an interview he did, where he mentions Gwen and No Doubts fitness,

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Current Mood: energetic
Thursday, February 19th, 2009
9:55 pm
Article in People
There was a little article in People the other week about celebs losing their baby weight.  One of Gwen's trainers recommended doing strength training 4 times a week, so every other day. 
I have to agree it's does put you on the fast track to getting fit.  I started doing that since I don't have the ok from my dr. to start high impact exercise again yet.
Thursday, July 17th, 2008
10:09 am
WW plans
I've been doing the flex plan but I find myself straying a lot lately, so I thought maybe switching to the core plan would be easier. Does the core plan require more exercise? I realize you can eat as much as you want of anything on the list, but couldn't that make me gain weight? 
Tuesday, March 4th, 2008
12:08 pm
first time post :D
Hey everyone!
So I've never posted about anything before but I thought now was the time.
I have been trying all kinds of different things to lose weight but I've never bee able to stick to it. I read something in people magazine about celebrity weight loss and one of the most popular things to do was to count calories. I decided to try it!

I started on feb. 1st, weighing in at 174 pounds! well after weighing myself this morning I decided to post because I weigh 161, i've lost a total of 13 POUNDS!

It's pretty simple what I've been doing. I've been counting calories, eating only healthy things. I figured out about how many calories I needed to have a day. I wouldn't let myself say, okay if I eat this pizza I will just eat really healthy tonight. no, everything had to be healthy.

It's hard because our body needs to adjust to not eating so much salt and sugar. I have been going to trader joes alot and bringing lunches to work. trying not to eat all packaged foods, and it's working!

my favorite healthy foods:

*trader joes whole wheat unbleached pancake mix (this is so yummy with some berries on top. I also substitute maple syrup for all fruit no preservatives jam)
*organic whole wheat penne pasta with cherry tomatos, zucchini, green bell peppers, red onions, pepper and a little olive oil. (yummmm)
*a personalized trail mix of dried cranberries, roasted unsalted onions, cashews, and dried apricots. (perfect on the go)

So im doing well and I just want to say good luck to all the lambies, and to stick with it! :D
Wednesday, February 20th, 2008
5:08 pm
lowfat snacks suggested by my dietician
veg. broth and almonds... I heat the veggie broth for 2 min in micro and have a small handful of almonds


hummas and celery...gets in your serving of legumes and celery is free
Tuesday, February 19th, 2008
6:11 pm
Hey Lambie's
So this is my first post. I lost 30pnds and maintained it and now I'm going to work on my last 20. I'm back to eating veggies,protien, only limited fruit and only one bad carb(bread,pasta,ect) a day. Also I joined the gym and have been doing a mile on the treadmill at a 5% incline at 3.1speed then the bike on a fat burning cycle for 20min. Also at home every other day I'm working out on the bowflex.(trying to get rid of my lunch lady arms, no offense to any lunch ladys out there=) I'm hoping this will help me drop my last 20. I'm diabetic and hopefully if I lose the rest of the weight I can go off my meds. I'm hoping to lose at least 10 by May because I'm going to Disneyland and Seaworld for my 40th Bday and I have a pair of l.a.m.b shorts that are just a little to tight. And it would be great to be a large in l.a.m.b but not sure I'll lose my boobs though. LOL Once the snow melts around here I'm going to add a 2mile walk. Thanks for listening to me rant. Goodluck to everyone we can do this!!!!
Thursday, January 24th, 2008
7:59 pm
Hey guys i just started a new diet today.
I joined this website Sparkpeople.com
They give you a meal plan to follow, show you how much you should lose a week.
and its all free!!!! Its been the 1st day but i feel like I'm already doing well.
Im have 2 pounds to lose each week. I want to lose 30 pounds by May
i'll give and update next week hopefully i can do it
Well im going to go try and run a mile now. Wish me luck.
Oh if you sign up tell them i referred you my user name is Morganhope.
4:56 pm
 Has anyone here heard of Synergie AMS?

Someone told me to go to a place around here that "does it for you." She said it reduces your cellulite and stretch marks and stuff.

I was just wondering if anyone has done it/ know anyone who has done it/ opinions...
Wednesday, January 16th, 2008
4:16 pm
HL, LAMB sport
I love working out in HL and LAMB.  I got one of the new HL tanks.  I love the sporty theme!
Tomorrow I have an interview at the gym down the alley from my house! 
What HL or LAMB do you wear working out?  bags used for the gym??
I like to use my new red Lux the Cat Candy bag.  i use my black franks presto to hold my mp3 player. 

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008
11:06 pm
long time lurker...first time posting!
hey ladies! I have been a member for quite a while now and have been reading all of your great posts, and I have finally decided to really make the effort to lose weight and be healthy.

About two years ago, i joined weight watchers and lost about 25 pounds, but then I moved to Seattle for college and during that time...have gained back most of the weight. I want to lose that weight again and keep it off!

I don't have the money to join weight watchers again, but my roommate is also trying to lose weight...and she found this website call sparkpeople.com which is basically the same concept as weight watchers...but completely free! is anyone using this site and what do you think of it?
Monday, January 14th, 2008
11:58 pm
no results :(
EDIT: I'm not too discouraged just yet. I realized by the way that my pants are fitting, I have gained more muscle mass which would explain why I haven't really lost any pounds. 
My weight fluctuates all the time though. Any tips on the best way to weigh myself?

So I recently started weight watchers, almost a week ago (online only) and I've been following my points pretty closely, but some days I use up a few of my 'extra' points. Honestly I know that I've been eating a lot less food since I've been tracking it. I'm allowed 21 points a day, and I swear on average I was probably eating 40+ a day. In the past 6 days I've only done about 3 hours of cardio, plus eating maybe 25 points worth a day. Doesn't it seem like I should see some results? It's been a huge change in my diet and nothing has happened. I was expecting to lose 2-3lbs and I'm exactly at my starting weight. ARGH!!! Sorry to rant but this blows. : (

*ALSO* Has anyone tried the morningstar farms chick'n strips? I've been eating them a lot lately, and I love them but I wonder if they're really healthy and good for weight loss. What do you think?
Wednesday, January 9th, 2008
12:04 am
Biggest Loser
I always have an eye out for LAMB when I watch this show.  There's some really good articles that I think would be helpful to most people : )
Fun-check it out if you haven't seen it yet.
Tuesday, January 8th, 2008
8:14 pm
First Post
Hey Everyone!

This is my first time on here. I just wanted to make my first post.

Right now, I'm at about a size 6, but I'm not too happy about it. I think I gained like 20 lbs in the last two years, it's not good. I started a low fat/ low calorie diet, and this is my 4th day on it. I'm going to start taking the Alli pills this weekend. I'm really afraid of "treatment effects" so I won't start during the week. I've been really good though, and my calorie intake has been about 300 per meal and around 5 to 7 grams of fat.

The hardest thing is...dun dun dun...STARBUCKS! I love my caffiene and I'm having a really hard time giving up my chai too. It's just not easy (not that I thought it would be).

So, my goal is to, by may, drop a size. Maybe only one (like to a five), but that would still be really cool. I'm wanting to get down to a 2/3/maybe 4. My L.A.M.B won't fit me anymore, but I guess I'll have to buy new stuff (which totally sucks).

Anyway, that's my story, and I have to say,  I love reading the posts of this community. Even if we slip up on our diets or stop counting points for a wek, this community is helpful because it's here and we can sort of support each other.

Is anyone else on alli? I thought a couple of people were, or something, but I could be wrong. :)
5:49 pm
Hey :)
This is my first time posting here! I want to lose weight and I could really benefit from this community. In case some of you don't know me, my name is Alyssa and I'm living in NH now, although I'm from upstate NY. I'm 24, and I want to lose 25lbs! : )
I decided to start this because I'm becoming very uncomfortable in my own body. I feel like I'm carrying so much extra weight, mostly around my stomach/hips. I need to feel comfortable, ya know? Losing weight will improve my self-esteem and happiness SOOoo much. I just bought a membership to the gym and I'm going to start going tonight.
I also was thinking about doing weight watchers online, but I don't know much about it. I know some of you are using their program but are any of you online members only? Have you had results?
I need to start making changes at asap. I was a size 4 during the summer and now I can't even fit into my size 4 donegal jacket that I just got. It's so depressing. :/
Tuesday, November 6th, 2007
9:10 am
Week 2
Since I've started Weight Watchers just a week ago, I'm going to try and journal my progress weekly. Hopefully it will be inspiring to other lambies trying to get fit!

Yesterday (monday) was my first weigh in since starting WW last Monday. My sister, who joined at the same time as me (and weighs significantly more than me) lost 10 pounds!! in ONE WEEK!!! I was so excited for her, she didn't even try hard this past week, as she had a cold for some of it. So, that was awesome for her! 

I lost 1.4 lbs. I wasn't expecting to lose anything actually, because I didn't exercise the whole week and frankly, I didn't want to get my hopes up lol. But a loss is always better than a gain! Slow and steady wins the race ;)

This week, I am going to work on trying to drink more water. I drink a lot of diet drinks (fresca/diet coke etc) but i need to up my h2O intake. I'm also going to try and plan more ahead of time lunches/dinners. Ideally, i'd like to have the whole week planned out, or at least have a list of options that i can mix and match depending on my appetite. I'm already tired of thinking about food so much. 

Anyone else have successes for last week/month? 

Any goals for this week/month??

Happy lambing, lovers! 

Current Mood: belly ache
Wednesday, October 17th, 2007
11:17 pm
Workout dvds?

Does anyone here have a fav low impact aerobic dvd?  I'm quite advanced(having done them since the age of twelve) but my mom is new to it all and she needs something for when i'm not around to guide her.  any recommendations are appreciated : )

I was brave and bought a size small lamb top from ebay.  my arms are muscular but thick, it might be a squeeze but it's my most coveted top-why not?!  i've learned over time that guys like girls that wear their clothes a little too tight lol  

is anyone fitting into lamb they couldn't do before hand yet?? just curious...

Friday, October 5th, 2007
9:28 am
Exercise regime
I was wondering what type of exercises everybody does.
Like what, duration and how many times a week.
Just curious.
I posted mine in my last entry...
9:25 am
So...I am wearing my size 12 jeans again (unLAMBs, though...)!!! :D
I bought all this LAMB stuff in 10 more than a year ago and it fit...but then I kept buying 10s and I was getting heavier. I have all of these beautiful clothes in my closet that I cannot wear. :(((
...and none of my jeans were fitting (none of them...the 12s!!!). I was so sad and didn't want to buy new clothes so I wore too tight stuff or my cargo shorts (mens) everywhere.
I hope I can get into those 10 LAMBS soon!!! They are lonely. :/

Here is what I have been doing:
Exercising: one cardio class a week - one hour
2 rollerderby practices a week - 2-3 hours
Walk/run - Over 2 miles 2x a week - however long it takes me.

I have been trying to eat right. It takes a lot of strength and willpower for me to do this!!!

I haven't lost any weight, but my clothes are fitting better. :DDD

I am just excited and wanted to share.
Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007
1:56 pm
Bad habits...
Do any of you lambies smoke and/or drink (and the like)? I do occasionally. I know it is detrimental to my health. :/ I can quit for quite awhile, then I binge out. I used to smoke pretty consistently, but now it is only really when I go out. Does anybody else suffer from addictions? Has anybody overcome them?
I hope this is not too personal...
Monday, October 1st, 2007
8:31 pm
So just let me introduce mysellf...
Name: Alysia
Age: 22
From: FL but currently living in CA
Favorite L.A.M.B.: Any of my hoodies. I absolutely love them.
Reason for joining: To inspire and be inspired by other lambies to get tone up and get fit :) Oh, and also so I can look better in my tank tops with some somewhat buff arms maybe?
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